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IronRange Power Bars

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Reap the rewards of the IronRange™ with the unrivaled construction and performance of these American-made powerlifting bars.

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Made in Minnesota, home of the Iron Range, from the strongest heat-treated American steel! These maintenance-free powerlifting bars will last for years and have the rigidity needed for heavy, static lifts like the bench press, squat, and dead lift. Medium knurling extends all the way to the sleeve to ensure secure grip.


  • These are the most rigid bars we offer!
  • All are 20 kg (45 lb) with a low whip.
  • These bars are made with a high tensile strength:
    • 165k PSI for the Duluth™ and Gunflint™
    • 190k PSI for the SawTooth™
  • Bronze bushings allow the bar to spin smoothly and no maintenance is required.
  • Each bar has a different caliber:
    • Duluth™ is meant for institutional use
    • Gunflint™ is advanced caliber
    • SawTooth™ is competition caliber
  • The knurling is machined into the bar in a medium depth to provide an outstanding balance for a wide variety of lifts. It runs all the way to the sleeves, which is extremely beneficial for users with longer limbs. Two knurl marks are located on each side to help establish consistent hand placement.
  • Center knurling is present to provide a more secure back and front position.

IronRange™ Men's Power Bar Options

IronRange™ Men's Power Bars are available in varieties.

  • Duluth™, 32 mm
  • Gunflint™, 28.5 mm
  • SawTooth™, 28.5 mm


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