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IronRange™ Training Bars

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Lighter, more compact training bars help users learn and perfect technique with or without added weight plates.

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Two weight training bar options help you teach perfect weightlifting technique! The Mesabi™ Jr. has the flex needed for Olympic lifts and is a 25 mm diameter bar (women’s standard). Aluminique™ is a 28 mm diameter aluminum bar (men’s standard) with steel sleeves and bronze bushings for maximum durability.

Lighter for Beginners

When users are first learning proper form or building strength, a full-sized men’s or women’s bar might be too big or too heavy. These lighter bars allow users to learn their technique and progressively work on strength without having compensating or causing injury from overexertion.

  • The lighter weight and shorter length make these bars less intimidating for users to learn on.
  • These bars can be used to teach Olympic style lifts and power lifts.
  • Light knurling on the bar (machined-in texture) helps users get a better grip and begins to condition their hands for the more aggressive knurling on standard bars. There’s no center knurl on this bar—but there are two on each side, helping users find their hand placement.
  • Both bar options are rackable in a standard squat rack so it easy to use them with current equipment.

IronRange™ Training Bar Options

IronRange™ Training Bars are available in 2 sizes.

  • Mesabi™ Jr. (64”L, 7 kg/15 lb)
  • Aluminique™ (72”L, 10 kg/22 lb)


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