IronRange™ Training Stations


Bring the strength of the Iron Range to your students with the most versatile training system!

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A variety of accessories give the expandable and customizable Free-Standing and Wall-Mount Stations limitless uses. Stations include ultra-strong 3” x 3” 11-gauage powder-coated 8’H posts, powder-coated steel crossbars that double as pull-up rigs, and heavy-duty bar rests that attach without any bolts or pins.

Versatile Uses

Get multiple athletes working at once, as these training stations provide significantly more room than a standard power rack or half rack lifting station while having greater stability. Rig dimensions allow users to rack a barbell for squats or bench press, while cross members provide a spot for pull ups or ab exercises. They can also be used to anchor gymnastics rings, for dips, or for a TRX® system for suspension training or resistance tubing.


  • A 3” x 3” 11-gauge powder-coated steel is as strong as the Iron Range itself, and much stronger than others on the market at the same price.
  • A slightly textured finish on the rig enhances grips on cross members during pull ups and abs.
  • A multitude of attachments enhance the station’s versatility!
    • Rope anchors are a simple anchoring solution. Simply bolt the unit into upright position, loop the rope through and begin training.
    • Wall Ball provides a target for the wall ball exercise rather than dirtying up walls by throwing and hitting the ball to a mark.
    • Landmine bolts onto an upright and accepts a standard barbell sleeve. Use it for movements such as presses or oblique twists.
    • Spotting arms protect users if the weight gets too heavy. A durable poly runs along the length of the arm to prevent metal to metal contact.
    • A dip station is used for bodyweight or weighted dips.
  • Choose from 2 types:
    • The Wall Mount Station is ideal for small spaces in which floor space is at a premium.
    • The Free Standing Station is for larger spaces, offering more squat stands and more cross members.
  • All units should be bolted to the floor for the best in stability.
  • Anchoring and mounting hardware is not included due to varying surfaces. Please see the following recommendations:
    • When bolting to concrete, use a concrete anchor bolt at least 2-1/2”L x 1/2” dia.
    • When bolting to wooden studs, use a lag screw at least 2-1/2"L x 1/2” dia. 
    • For any unit that requires installation to the wall or floors, we highly recommend using a licensed contractor for installation.
  • Six colors allow you to show off your school pride.

IronRange™ Training Station Options

IronRange™ Training Stations are available in 2 types and 4 sizes. Accessories sold separately. Specify color on Station. Truck delivery.

  • Type
    • Wall-Mount Training Stations
    • Free-Standing Training Stations
  • Sizes
    • 10’W 
    • 14’W
    • 20’W
    • 24’W
  • Accessories
    • Conditioning Rope Anchor
    • Wall Ball Target
    • Landmine Attachment
    • Spotting Arms
    • Dip Station
  • Station Colors
    • Carmine Red (RAL 3002)
    • Signal Red (RAL 3001)
    • Signal Blue (RAL 5005)
    • Signal Gray (RAL 7004)
    • Jet Black (RAL 9005)
    • Signal White (RAL 9003)