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PowerTech™ Training Plates

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Set beginner lifters up for a proper starting position with these durable training weight plates!

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Beginners will appreciate these fake weight lifting plates, which come in the exact diameter of standard bumper plates but in just 5 and 10 pounds. These lighter weights but “official size” make it easy to focus on form and easily progress to heavier weights!

Beginning Bumper Plates

Most students cannot lift a lot of weight when the first start weight training. Having these lighter plates helps them to better learn the correct technique, and then progressively build their strength to the point where they are lifting using actual standard equipment.

  • The plates are made of a thick, durable plastic to withstand the wear and tear associated with repeated drops.
  • There is no center metal ring—they are just molded plastic, and you never have to worry about it popping out.
  • These plates can be used to teach Olympic style and power lifting lifts. Some lifts, such as the clean and snatch and the deadlift, start from the ground. By using these lighter yet standard sized plates, the bar sets up higher and puts the bar within reach while keeping the user in proper position.

PowerTech™ Training Plate Options

PowerTech™ Training Plates are available in a Complete Set or in Pairs in 2 weights.

  • Complete Set. Includes 4 plates (2 ea 5, 10 lb)
  • 5 lb Pair
  • 10 lb Pair


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