GripCable Machine Accessories

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Quality cable weight lifting accessories!

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Expand the range of workouts available on your machines with unique grips and accessories, to mix up your usual routine or better target specific muscle groups. Different cable machine handles work muscles in different ways and to different degrees, allowing a truly tailored workout. Each cable crossover machine handle offers the utmost quality and a design that exudes resilience in the face of heavy use.

Versatility While Working Out

Broaden the scope of your upper-body workouts by using different fitness cable attachments! Changing the way you do lat pulldowns, seated rows, or bicep curls can work these key muscle groups in different ways and to different degrees, allowing you to expand your workout potential or maximize your results without straining or overworking muscles. A broader degree of exercises also means better overall strength and support when muscles are engaged throughout everyday life!

Because these cable machine handles can be used across virtually any cable machine it’s easy to vastly expand the potential of your existing machines without making a significant investment in new equipment. Lat pulldown machines, seated row machines, and other cable crossover machines instantly benefit!

Great Construction and Durability

The steel handles of these attachments all undergo an injection molding process that fuses the metal shaft with rubber for an ideal combination of grip and support. Even in the most intense situations and under the heaviest duress users will be able to rely on the strength of these bars above lesser, purely molded models. They’re also ergonomically designed for a comfortable hand-feel that promotes better overall form when exercising. They offer the strength of pure metal handles, with the stability of texturized rubber for unsurpassed quality.

GripCable Machine Accessories Options

GripCable Machine accessories are available individually in 7 options.

  • Lat Bar, 48”L
  • Pro Lat Bar, 24”L
  • Curl Bar, 28”L
  • Chinning Triangle
  • Triceps Press-Down Bar
  • Single Cable Grip
  • Triceps Rope