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IronRange™ Training Bars
HexCel™ Bar

HexCel™ Bar

IronRange™ Vertical 9-Bar Rack
Premium Weight Lifting Belts
IronRange™ Elite™ Utility Benches
Detonate™ LocDown™ Collars
Detonate™ BARricade™ Bar Racks
Body-Solid® Plate-Loaded Systems
PowerTech™ Training Plates
UltraFit™ PVC PreCision™ Warm-Up Bar
Hex Jr™ Bar

Hex Jr™ Bar

IronRange™ Elite™ Training Stations
Gopher Bumper Plates
PowerSurge Color Bumper Plates
IronRange™ Rolling Plate  Rack
Incline/Decline Bench
IronRange™ Power Racks
IronRange™ Half Rack Lifting Station
RackUp™ Bar Rack
Renegade Varsity™ Trainer

Shop a wide assortment of weightlifting equipment from Gopher Sport to build your students’ strength!

Whether coaches need reliable weightlifting gear to help athletes build strength, or PE teachers need supplies for a strength-building unit, Gopher has you covered! We have the equipment you need for a successful weightlifting program.

Our assortment of weightlifting supplies includes bars of varied weights and lengths, plates, benches, and racks. With a large variety of options, you can select the equipment that best fits your students’ weightlifting needs. Encourage safety while lifting using weightlifting accessories like belts and straps. If your students and athletes need a quick solution, check out our weightlifting machines. Users can adjust the weight or resistance with a simple pull of a lever. 

Purchase weightlifting equipment from Gopher and provide your students and athletes with the tools they need!