Foam Stabilizing Block

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Stabilize your pose with the support you need!

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Ease students into more advanced yoga workouts with yoga foam blocks. Blocks support weight and help to introduce balance to harder yoga poses, giving students time to adapt and get a feel for each new position. Designed to be safe and resilient, they’re a must-have yoga accessory for serious programs!

Make Moves Easy

Yoga can be difficult for those that lack the flexibility or who haven’t yet developed the range of motion to achieve certain poses. A yoga foam block works to ease the difficulty of certain positions by providing students with leverage and support. Placing the block under key areas helps to lessen the strain on muscles or create ideal form for poses, giving students the opportunity to get acclimated with them slowly and without pain.

For advanced yoga, foam yoga blocks are used to heighten flexibility and help you keep your balance in harder poses such as half-moon or triangle, where weight distribution is hard to proportion. Blocks also provide support to your head and neck during lying positions such as the happy baby pose, allowing you to hold that pose longer and better. For balance during standing, squatting, and sitting positions like twist, helping you find your center of gravity easier, they allow users more comfort in poses allowing them to stay in them longer

Promotes Safety

Safety when trying new yoga poses is paramount and these blocks are the first step in preventing falls, strains, or awkward twists that could result in injury. Blocks for yoga emphasize proper alignment during poses and act as a grounding point for weight, supporting muscles and tendons to give the body time to adapt to new poses.

The blocks themselves are safe for any level of user. Edges are rounded and smooth to prevent any accidental bumping or scraping, and the foam construction of the block itself is soft to the touch and comfortable to rest upon.

Great Durability

Foam construction is pick-proof and sturdy, ensuring longevity in the face of constant institutional use. These 9”L x 6”W x 3”H blocks can support an exceptional amount of weight and won’t deform or dent during use.

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