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Step-by-step instructions and photos guide you through stretches for the upper and lower body.

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Use fitness stretching wall chart posters to promote self-directed stretching amongst your students, to familiarize them with the benefits of upper and lower body warmups before activities. Easy-to-understand instructions and clear illustrations offer quick reference in any gymnasium, fitness room, or classroom where these stretching exercise posters are displayed!

Self-Starting Exercise

With several exercises laid out in an easy-to-understand manner right in front of them, students can quickly get to work in stretching before the day’s activities. There’s no need to wait around for group instruction! Students can stretch at a pace that’s right for them before jumping into a different activity. This prevents boredom and keeps students on task at all times.

Self-paced stretches build student familiarity and confidence with each movement. Instead of worrying about falling behind the class or missing instructions, posters help students learn at their own pace to ensure each stretch is mastered. This ultimately forms a solid foundation for exercise, minimizing the risk of injury.

Easy to Understand

Upper- and lower-body posters are a great quick-reference guide for a wide range of stretches, designed to promote better flexibility and minimize stress and strain to joints and muscles. Printed directions and clearly visible illustrations combine to provide a thorough guide for learning and executing each stretch. Visual learners will find the pictures highly informative, while more theoretical learners will find great instruction in the step-by-step guided copy.

The Upper Body poster features 14 different stretches, while the Lower Body poster displays 13 total positions.

Ideal for Gymnasiums

Laminated for longevity and durability, these posters work perfectly in gymnasiums and other dedicated fitness areas where stretching is required. They’re easy to affix to walls and thanks to their large 36’L x 24”W size, can be seen from a distance by larger groups of students at the same time.

Stretching Poster Options

Stretching Posters are available in 2 varieties.

  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body
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