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Rainbow® IntroFit™ Kettle Balls
IntroFit™ Fitness Bars
Rainbow® Hurdles

Rainbow® Hurdles

Rainbow® IntroFit™ Agility Ladders
IntroFit™ Plyo Boxes
Rainbow® IntroFit™ Medicine Balls
Rainbow® IntroFit™ Stability Balls
IntroFit™ Foam Kettlebells
IntroFit™ PE Equipment Circuit Pack
Rainbow® IntroFit™ Plyo Boxes
Rainbow® Balance Discs
Rainbow® Tremor™ Intro Slam Balls
IntroFit Triad Foam Plyometric Box
IntroFit™ EZ Balance™ Stability Balls
IntroFit™ PlyoHurdle™
ProTex™ Resistance Tubing
Rainbow® IntroFit™ Conditioning Ropes
IntroFit™ Foam Medicine Ball
Rainbow® ClassStep™ Fitness Steps
IntroFit Boulder

IntroFit Boulder

Introduce fitness to younger students with your purchase of youth fitness equipment from Gopher Sport!

Introducing fitness equipment and regimes to students at an early age promotes a healthy lifestyle, as well as builds confidence. Gopher’s assortment of beginners’ fitness equipment introduces students to exercises and equipment used by older students and creates a strong fitness foundation.

Our age appropriate introductory fitness equipment is designed with soft, lightweight materials that are non-intimidating as students learn the basics about use and form. Teachers can focus on introducing agility, plyometrics, balance, and strength with colorful products that appeal to younger users. All of our packs and sets include easy-to-follow instruction to guide beginners through the moves and boost their confidence along the way.

Buy introductory fitness equipment from Gopher and build a foundation for fitness success in young students!