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ClassPlus™ IntroFit™ Circuit Pack

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Easily and effectively introduce the entire class to fitness with this complete pack of premium equipment and detailed instruction!

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Students will develop a healthy appreciation for fitness thanks to the numerous inviting equipment options in this pack. Designed specifically for teaching physical fitness in elementary schools, the friendly design and structured circuit layout of this pack set the tone for a thorough understanding of fitness basics.

Great for Bigger Groups

The wide range of exercise equipment options present makes it possible to get the entire class involved in a different aspect of learning fitness. Focused activities keep everyone on-task and on-track to learn proper fitness forms. Students can spend time familiarizing themselves with one aspect of fitness per class period with a range of exercises possible, or teachers can create a station-guided lesson plan to keep everyone engaged with a new activity every few minutes for the duration of the class.

Fitness stations for elementary school help teachers get every student involved, while also being able to detach and observe the entire class. As students are practicing the basics of fitness, teachers can walk from station to station, helping students where needed and observing where individuals struggle or excel. With each station change you can be sure students are getting a proper introduction to fitness!

Non-Intimidating Equipment

All of the individual items included within this pack are designed specifically for elementary school fitness programs. Thanks to lighter weights, softer materials, and clear instruction cards, the intimidation factor is virtually removed, encouraging students to get familiar with fitness. With the fear of abrasive or heavy equipment gone, the focus shifts to proper form and appropriate equipment usage, which sets the tone for future fitness involvement.

Non-intimidating equipment is also more apt to keep students involved in the lesson. As they become more comfortable with workout equipment and confident in their use of it, students will develop a healthy appreciation for fitness in years to come. This sets the stage for an active lifestyle and enthusiasm towards maintaining an ideal level of fitness.


  • Includes instruction and equipment to show you exactly what to do and how to introduce fitness to users. There’s no need to research or question how to appropriately use equipment!
  • Specifically designed for users new to fitness, with age appropriate equipment that’s made from soft materials, in lighter weights. Younger students will benefit from learning proper usage and form.
  • Station boards and cards provide clear, concise instruction for a variety of simple fitness exercises, tailored for younger students. Lesson programming is done for you!

ClassPlus™ IntroFit™ Circuit Pack Options

ClassPlus™ IntroFit™ Circuit Packs are available in Packs. Boards/Cards Set also sold separately.


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