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IntroFit™ Plyo Boxes

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Safe and stackable foam boxes add versatility to introductory plyometric training!

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A non-slip surface and lightweight foam construction make these plyometric boxes soft and safe, ideal for beginners. Our most progressive plyo box set features varying heights, allowing teachers to tailor challenges and scale difficulty based on individual students.

Various Sizes

3 height options—6”, 12”, and 18”H—make it easy to provide your students with a proper introduction to plyometric training. For your youngest students or brand new beginners, smaller 6”H options help teach the very basics of stepping and stretching. Younger students who show a keen uptake on plyo training can work up to 12”H and new movements, which test their skills. For those who aren’t quite ready for the real thing, but show advanced plyo skills, 18”H are a great precursor to more advanced boxes.

Different heights offer exciting new challenges to many activities. Help students develop explosiveness as they perform standing jumps from the floor to the 18”H box. Or, focus on agility with quick steps onto and off of the smallest 6”H option. Helping students associate the right height with different fundamental fitness focuses allows for better development and a critical understanding of how plyometric can assist them in the future.


  • Introduces students to plyometric training with plyo boxes made from soft foam, in bright colors, designed just for them!
  • Mainly used for plyometric training to build strength and explosiveness, which can carry over to sports such as basketball or volleyball. Can also be used for other movements to build on strength, such as incline or decline pushups.

IntroFit™ Plyo Box Options

IntroFit™ Plyo Boxes are available in a set or individually in 3 heights.

Complete Set of 3. Includes 1 ea 6”H, 12”H, 18”H.

Individual Boxes

  • 6”H
  • 12”H
  • 18”H


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