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IntroFit™ Posters

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Laminated posters provide clear, concise instruction for a variety of simple fitness exercises.

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Teach students a wide range of core exercises and fundamental workouts with these posters, for a solid foundation to fitness comprehension. It’s easy to incorporate these posters into any fitness lesson plans for elementary school students to add a self-paced, self-directed component to the lesson.

All the Information You Need

There’s no need to seek out additional resources or look online to find a comprehensive teaching strategy for fitness. These posters contain all of the vital information need to help students develop a keen understanding of fitness moves and workout concepts when it comes to dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, resistance tubing, stability balls, and steps.

Each poster contains before and after pictures of each motion, as well as the title of each movement and a concise description of what’s occurring during the movement. Posters provide quick and easy reference for a range of different exercises, all geared towards beginners.

Easy to Understand

Because posters contain both visual and contextual instructions, students have all of the components required to mimic the motion themselves, no matter if they’re a conceptual learner, a visual learner, or someone who requires a combination of both to catch on. No other posters thoroughly break down exercise to a level that’s understood so fundamentally by students.

Great for Self-Direction

Looking at these posters, students will always know what motions they’re familiar with, as well as those that might be new to them, giving them the option to progress as they feel comfortable with. Self-directed learning helps to build their self-esteem and comfort across fitness exercises, thus helping students to embrace an active lifestyle instead of dreading it.

Self-paced learning helps teachers identify where specific students may struggle or excel in different areas of fitness. Being able to help those students who are struggling or increase the challenge for those who have mastered particular moves keeps the entire class engaged and thriving.


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