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Rainbow® IntroFit™ Plyo Boxes

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Beginner-friendly plyo boxes, in brilliant Rainbow® colors!

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Soft plyometric boxes help minimize intimidation and maximize comfort when it comes to learning the fundamentals of plyometric exercises. With Rainbow® colors to further increase student comfort with these boxes, your students step, hop, and jump heir way to fitness in no time at all!

Non-Intimidating Design

The only set of plyo boxes featuring Rainbow® colors, students will immediately be more comfortable learning the basics of plyometric exercises with their favorite color in front of them! Each of the 6 Rainbow® colors makes it easy to gauge when it comes to height and distance, instilling confidence in students as they practice activities such as stepping or jumping onto the box.

Compared to wood or metal plyo boxes, the foam composition of these soft plyo boxes is a welcome relief for students. Instead of feeling trepidation at the thought of landing on a hard surface, they’ll welcome activities knowing there’s a softer cushion waiting for them when they land!


  • Introduces students to plyometric training with plyo boxes made from soft foam, in bright colors, designed just for them!
  • Mainly used for plyometric training to build strength and explosiveness, which can carry over to sports such as basketball or volleyball. Can also be used for other movements to build on strength, such as incline or decline pushups.
  • Laminated activity guide shows 6 agility movements to use with beginner students. No research is required to provide thorough instruction to your students!


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