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Rainbow® IntroFit™ Conditioning Ropes

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Complete pack with custom equipment and instruction makes it perfect for introductory conditioning group rope training!

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Take the intimidation out of upper body strength training for kids by providing them with these thinner, lighter conditioning ropes! Students will quickly pick up on a myriad of rope training exercises, building confidence with ropes and serving to strengthen and tone their core and upper body.

Easier Grip for Beginners

Unlike other, thicker rope options that may offer too much heft for younger students to grip and control, the 3/4” dia of these basic ropes is perfect for teaching the fundamentals of rope conditioning! Students will expend less energy when making waves, allowing them to better learn the basics of rope training and get comfortable with the motions. As they progress to thicker, heavier ropes, they’ll have the confidence they need to train appropriately.

The lightweight nature of these ropes also opens the door to a number of core strength exercises for kids. Students will lean whips, slams, and more, helping to keep them engaged as they strengthen and hone their muscles.

Durable Anchor

The smallest, most consolidated rope anchor in the market, the Warrior™ StrongHold™ Jr. Anchor Station works great in conjunction with 3/4” dia ropes. Its powder-coated steel frame is completely protected against scrapes or cuts, and will stand up to the heavy institutional wear and tear that comes with rope training. A full rubber base also keeps the anchor soundly in place during exercises, eliminating scuffs and scrapes to gym floors or any metal-on-wood contact that might otherwise occur.


  • Introduces students to strength and core training with brightly colored equipment, designed just for them.
  • Laminated activity guide shows 6 conditioning rope movements to use with beginner students. No research is required to provide thorough instruction to your students! Exercises focus on strength and body awareness, as well as coordination.
  • Low-impact workout builds grip, shoulder, and core strength. In addition, cardio levels are also boosted!
  • Specifically designed for users new to fitness, with age appropriate equipment that’s made from soft materials, in lighter weights. Younger students will benefit from learning proper usage and form.
  • A basic wave is made with each side of the rope by holding the ends and swinging arms up and down opposite each other. Waves will begin to form, and students can keep moving arms to creating waves. As strength and stability are developed you can advance to slams, whips, spirals, and throws.
  • Poly boot ends provide better grip to users and prevent ropes from fraying at the ends.
  • Plastic molded rope hooks protect the ropes from friction and prevent them from fraying over time at the connection point.

Rainbow® IntroFit™ Conditioning Rope Options

Rainbow® IntroFit™ Conditioning Ropes are available in sets. Anchor also sold separately.

  • Complete Set. Includes six 30’L ropes (5 lb each), 1 anchor station, and 1 laminated exercise guide.
  • Set with Guide. Includes 6 ropes and 1 laminated exercise guide.
  • Individual StrongHold™ Jr. Anchor Station. 16-1/2”W x 12”H, 15 lb.


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