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Rainbow® IntroFit™ Oversized Medicine Balls

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The only oversized medicine ball designed for younger, smaller users!

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The perfect combination of size and weight, these introductory medicine balls for kids put focus on proper handling to introduce students to coordination skills. Our only 12” dia medicine ball comes in lightweight 3 or 5 lb options!

A Great Intro Medicine Ball

Not as small as our Rainbow® IntroFit™ Medicine Balls, yet not as large as a regular 14” dia medicine ball, this ball makes the perfect midpoint size for introducing medicine ball exercises for kids. Students will have no trouble getting their hands on or arms around the moderate diameter, learning to control these balls and train with them appropriately. As they adapt to the 12” dia size, they’ll become more apt to handling objects of this size.

Despite being larger than other introductory medicine balls for kids, these balls still maintain extremely light weights of just 3 or 5 lb. Low weight puts emphasis on handling the actual size of the ball, which engrains a core skill that applies to everyday life and future weight training.


  • Introduces students to medicine ball movements with brightly colored equipment, designed just for them.
  • Laminated activity guide shows 6 medicine ball exercises to use with beginner students. No research is required to provide thorough instruction to your students! Exercises focus on strength and body awareness, as well as coordination.
  • Strength training with light resistance levels can be very beneficial for young muscles. With an emphasis on safety and proper technique, using lower weights with higher repetitions is an excellent way to introduce beginners to strength training routines that build confidence and self-esteem, and provide a foundation for future success.
  • Specifically designed for users new to fitness, with age appropriate equipment that’s made from soft materials, in lighter weights. Younger students will benefit from learning proper usage and form.
  • Unique panel construction distributes weight evenly over more seams as compared to models on the market with only 4 or 5 seams. The more seams, the more weight is displaced, which helps to ensure longevity and durability in equipment.
  • Complete pack comes with a mobile medicine ball rack for protection and organized storage, as well as easy transport from location to location.
  • Tack cover aids in gripping.
  • Soft shell material cover is less intimidating for younger students, and is safe on all flooring.
  • Rainbow® Sets in 3 lb for the newest of users or 5 lb for those who have some core strength developed, or complete pack containing both weights to accommodate a mixed class of users.

Rainbow® IntroFit™ Oversized Medicine Ball Options

Rainbow® IntroFit™ Oversized Medicine Balls are available in Rainbow® Sets, in 2 weights, or in Packs of 12 balls.

Rainbow® Sets. Include 6 medicine balls in your choice of weight and a laminated exercise guide.

  • 3 lb
  • 5 lb

Rainbow® Pack. Includes 12 medicine balls total (6 ea 3 lb, 5 lb), a laminated exercise guide, and an UltraFit™ Steel Oversized Medicine Ball Rack.


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