Rainbow® IntroFit™ Stability Balls

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Softer, tackier material creates the perfect ball for introducing balance and stability exercises!

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Improve students’ fast-twitch muscles and core strength with stability balls for kids and watch as they develop better core strength and balance. Balls offer great grip and superior durability to promote easier use and peace of mind by students. Three size options accommodate different ages and sizes of students.

Superior Grip and Durability

Constructed of a roto-molded shell, there are fewer seams and virtually no stress points on these stability balls for kids, making them extremely durable and reliable. Students will gain complete peace of mind in using these balls, knowing that their shifting weight and constant adjustments atop the ball are being supported by a resilient design.

A tacky grip also heightens a student’s level of comfort and prevents them from having to constantly readjust while they’re using the ball. The grip will help them focus and find their center of gravity, retaining it as they work through exercises. Other balls have a softer, slipperier texture that can cause unwanted shifting or sliding. This is one of the most stable balls we offer!

Three Size Options

In choosing the right stability ball size for students, you’ll introduce them to stability training at a level that’s comfortable for them and accommodating to their stature. Choose from 45 cm for students up to 5' in height, 55 cm for students measuring 5'0 to 5'7" in height, and 65 cm for students 5'7" to 6'2" in height.


  • Laminated activity guide shows 6 stability disk movements to use with beginner students. No research is required to provide thorough instruction to your students! Exercises focus on strength and body awareness, as well as coordination.
  • Used to develop balance and coordination, as well as core strength in users, which are key elements to everyday movements of people of all ages. Whether they’re competing in athletics, taking a hike in the woods, or performing everyday activities, a strong core is the foundation for movement. Helping to develop good balance and coordination from an early age sets the stage for students to be successful in a wide variety of future activities.

Rainbow® IntroFit™ Stability Ball Options

Rainbow® IntroFit™ Stability Balls are available in sets, in 3 sizes, with a laminated exercise guide.

  • Complete Set. Includes 6 balls with a laminated exercise guide.
    • 45 cm
    • 55 cm
    • 65 cm


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