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Shop for youth agility equipment from Gopher Sport to develop quickness in younger students!

Agility exercises and plyometrics don’t need to be limited to older students. Teachers can introduce their elementary and junior high students to these exercises with non-intimidating equipment made just for them!

Work on footwork and speed skills by incorporating an agility ladder into obstacle courses. They are made with flat rungs for safety and bright colors for increased visibility. Teachers can also connect them for longer challenges.

Using small, colorful hurdles during PE classes introduces younger students to sprinting and jumping. The lightweight PVC construction is friendly on students’ legs if hit, but it’s durable enough to withstand repeated use.

Continue focusing on jumping and building leg muscles with plyo boxes. Soft boxes made of foam offer a gentle landing area, while the soft edges are forgiving and prevent injury. As skills progress, students can advance to plastic plyo boxes. While they are firmer and steadier than foam boxes, the plastic design is less intimidating than wood ply boxes for younger users.

Buy agility and plyometric gear from Gopher!