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Warrior Ropes

Warrior Ropes

UltraFit Turn-N-Burn Speed Ropes
UltraFit Medicine Ball Racks
UltraFit Resistance Tubing Station Packs
UltraFit Resistance Bands
Warrior Elite Conditioning Ropes
UltraFit CircuitPro Circuit Training Packs
Instrux Yoga Mat
UltraFit STEPerfect Fitness Steps
BH Fitness LK500R Recumbent Bike
BH Fitness LK550U
Heavy Bag
UltraFit Evolution Kompact Medicine Balls
Landice ElliptiMill E9-90 Trainer
Kettler Ergo Coach E Rower
UltraFit Medicine Ball Charts
UltraFit Dumbbell Training Charts
UltraFit Fitness Bar Charts
Protector Rubber-Coated Dumbbells
Kids Elementary Complete Circuit
Everlast Heavy Bag Gloves
Rebound Training Hurdles
Schwinn AC Sport Indoor Cycling Bike
Kettler Coach M Rower
Body Bar Fitness Bars
Cotton Jump Ropes
Landice L9 Club Treadmills
Tireplast Equipment Mats
Rainbow Polypropylene Jump Ropes
UltraFit Core Balance Discs
UltraFit Yoga Mats
EcoFit Yoga Mat
Body-Solid Plate-Loaded Systems
ExerFit Workout Mats
EcoFit Foam Workout Mats
ClassPlus EcoFit Workout Mat Packs
UltraFit TyroBALL Rubber Kettlebells
UltraFit Professional Total Fitness Room
Troy Dumbbells

Troy Dumbbells

Equip PE classes, sports teams, and rec centers with high-quality exercise equipment from Gopher Sport!

Whether you need fitness equipment for schools or teams, find what your students and players need in Gopher’s expansive assortment. From weightlifting equipment to endurance-building gear, stock your PE class or fitness room with high-quality products!

Aerobic Equipment

Get hearts pumping with cardio equipment like treadmills and indoor cycling bikes from Gopher. If you need a more compact option that stores easily, check out our fitness jump ropes, steps, and boxing supplies. Large packs make it easy to instruct an entire class while building lifelong cardiovascular endurance.

Strength Equipment

Whether you’re organizing a weightlifting unit for PE classes, or building strength in athletes, you’ll find the necessary equipment in our huge assortment of gear. Focus on bodyweight training one day, dumbbells and fitness bars the next, followed by kettlebells or sandbags. Encourage teamwork as students and athletes work with partners during medicine ball drills. Teachers and coaches can use pieces individually or create energizing circuits for full-body workouts.

Flexibility Training

Develop and improve flexibility by incorporating yoga into your PE curriculum. It teaches students how to lengthen and stretch their muscles. Yoga and workout mats gives students and athletes a comfortable spot to perform moves. When muscles get sore, bring out a foam roller to alleviate tension.

Balance Training

Balance is necessary to succeed in most sports and PE activities. Build and reinforce these skills with balance discs and stability balls. They are great for use at any grade or skill level and easy to incorporate into lessons and training.

Sports Training Equipment

Kick sports training up a notch using speed, agility, and quickness gear. Players will learn how to increase their pace or quickly change direction to avoid defenders. Plyometric training increases your athletes’ endurance while also developing power and balance. Resistance tubes are an efficient way to strengthen bodies. Best of all, they are also budget friendly!

And Much More!

Start building a love of fitness at an early age using introductory fitness equipment. It’s sized perfectly for younger users and creates a non-intimidating learning environment. Exertainment gear and fitness games introduce fitness concepts in a fun and creative manner. Get the entire team or class moving at the same time using equipment packs and creative circuits. Add training charts to your gymnasium to guide users through circuits.

Shop for outstanding fitness equipment at Gopher!