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Create Accurate Purchase Orders Quickly

Creating an accurate, neatly formatted purchase order (P.O.) online is easy and fast. No more paper, pencils, and calculators. Just use the product numbers from your Gopher catalog and specify desired quantities. Your subtotal plus shipping and handling is automatically calculated.

Please note: Don’t worry that creating a Gopher purchase order will automatically place an order. It won’t! You control when to place an order online.

Share Your Purchase Order with Decision Makers

Once you’ve finished your Gopher purchase order, you can e-mail it to decision makers at your organization for fast approval. You can even create multiple P.O.s with different names to help decision makers review various options. Or you can simply print out your P.O. and distribute it.

Easy Revisions

If you make a mistake or change your mind, it’s easy to add, change, or delete items on your purchase order. And every P.O. you create is saved for 90 days — so you’ll have plenty of time to revise once you receive feedback.

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