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Practical Assessment Ideas and Tools for Physical Education

Date: September 20. 2017

Speaker: Matthew Pomeroy


Back-to-School Tips: Set Yourself Up for Success

Date: August 23. 2017

Speaker: Maria Corte


Tips to Tackle the New School Year

Date: July 20. 2017

Speaker: Lisa Witherspoon


Maximize Engagement: Sport Ed. & TGfU Hybrid Units

Date: June 21. 2017

Speaker: Adam Metcalf


Rethinking the Role of Fitness in PE

Date: May 18. 2017

Speaker: Aaron Beighle


Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Large Class Sizes in PE

Date: April 19. 2017

Speaker: Ben Landers


Small-Sided Games in PE: Maximizing Play and MVPA

Date: March 29. 2017

Speaker: Jessica Shawley


How to Use Pedometers in PE

Date: February 15. 2017

Speaker: Dr. Robert Pangrazi


Changing Attitudes to Learn, Do, and Be More

Date: January 19. 2017

Speaker: Maria Corte


Instant Activities for Physical Education

Date: December 14. 2016

Speaker: Joe McCarthy


Yoga in Physical Education

Date: November 16. 2016

Speaker: Nicole Cardoza


Introducing Tabata Workouts for PE

Date: October 19. 2016

Speaker: Pete Driscoll


Old School Laps or Modern Apps: Revitalize Your Curriculum

Date: September 29. 2016

Speaker: Lisa Witherspoon


Federal Funding for Education: Opportunities for PE

Date: September 21. 2016

Speaker: Carly Wright


Getting the Most Out of a 30-Minute PE Lesson

Date: August 17. 2016

Speaker: Elyse Silver


Inclusion in PE; A Choice, Not a Mandate

Date: July 27. 2016

Speaker: Maria Corte


Active Learning Strategies for Classrooms

Date: June 15. 2016

Speaker: Chad Triolet


Technology in Physical Education (Part 2)

Date: May 18. 2016

Speaker: Lisa Witherspoon


Technology in Physical Education (part 1)

Date: April 20. 2016

Speaker: Lisa Witherspoon


Integrating Nutrition & Literacy into Physical Education Activities

Date: March 16. 2016

Speaker: Jessica Shawley


Learn the Key Components of a Quality PE Curriculum

Date: February 24. 2016

Speaker: Aaron Beighle


A Future Where Physical Activity and Physical Education are the Norm: Let's Move! Active Schools

Date: January 20. 2016

Speaker: Pam Powers


Earn Free Equipment for Your School with the new EquipME™ Program!

Date: December 16. 2015

Speaker: Taber Sawatzky


Effective Class Management

Date: November 18. 2015

Speaker: Shannon Jarvis


Introduction to Plyometrics in Physical Education & Sports

Date: October 28. 2015

Speaker: Jared Connaughton


Learning and Applying Active Assessment in PE

Date: September 23. 2015

Speaker: Aaron Beighle


Exciting New PE Fundraising with the American Diabetes Association

Date: August 26. 2015

Speaker: Liz Juern and Crystal Jackson


Kinetic Learning: Benefits of Minds in Motion

Date: August 12. 2015

Speaker: Mike Higgins


The Benefit and How-to of Starting a PE Fitness Club

Date: July 30. 2015

Speaker: Maria Corte


Using Google Apps to Enhance Physical Education

Date: June 24. 2015

Speaker: Matt Callahan


Cross Curricular Fit - A Fresh Approach to Integrating Core Content in PE

Date: May 20. 2015

Speaker: Chad Triolet


Enhance PE Participation with Small-Sided Games

Date: April 22. 2015

Speaker: Jessica Shawley


Boost Student Learning with Classroom Activity

Date: March 31. 2015

Speaker: Kim Bevil


Easily Collect and Analyze MVPA Data

Date: February 25. 2015

Speaker: Dr. Bob Pangrazi


Why PE is Important: Necessary Information for PE Advocates

Date: January 21. 2015

Speaker: Joe McCarthy


Exploring the Future of Physical Education

Date: November 21. 2014

Speaker: Stephen Jefferies


How to Implement Zero Hour PE Successfully

Date: October 23. 2014

Speaker: Jeff Corkish & Tim Collins


Technology Tips to Enhance Physical Education

Date: September 24. 2014

Speaker: Mike Smith


Building 21st Century Physically Literate Students

Date: August 20. 2014

Speaker: Ted Temertzoglou


Easily Monitor, Upload, and Analyze MVPA

Date: August 11. 2014

Speaker: Dr. Bob Pangrazi


Integrating the Principals of CrossFit into Physical Education

Date: July 23. 2014

Speaker: Bill Love


Increasing Student PE Participation and Enjoyment through Choice-Based Action

Date: June 27. 2014

Speaker: Jessica Shawley


High Octane Activity Ideas to Fuel Your PE Program

Date: May 23. 2014

Speaker: Chad Triolet


Enhancing Your School's Physical Activity Program

Date: March 21. 2014

Speaker: Aaron Beighle


Improving Fitness Assessment Scores in Physical Education

Date: February 28. 2014

Speaker: Maria Corte


Common Core Standards Through Physical Education

Date: January 20. 2014

Speaker: Jean Blaydes


Raising the Bar: Transforming PE Through Lifelong Fitness & Activity

Date: December 17. 2013

Speaker: David Schmidt


Monitoring & Analyzing Physical Activity Patterns

Date: November 22. 2013

Speaker: Dr. Bob Pangrazi


Increase Activity & Fitness Levels with Innovative Fitness Circuit Training

Date: September 26. 2013

Speaker: Maria Corte, NASPE PE Teacher of the Year


Easily Monitor, Upload, and Analyze Physical Activity Patterns

Date: August 22. 2013

Speaker: Dr. Bob Pangrazi

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