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ACTION! SturTee Set
Rainbow® SturTee™ Ball Holder
ACTIVE! Fit-N-Spin Set
InReach™ Custom Learning Pack
InReach™ Teacher Boards
InReach™ SoftPlay™ Volleyball
InReach Biggie Sport Balls
InReach™ SoftScore™ Sport Balls
InReach™ Bell Ball
InReach™ Beeper Ball
Worksman® Junior

Worksman® Junior

Worksman® Micah Tricycle
Worksman® Hand Trike
Worksman® Side-by-Side Tricycle
Rainbow® SoftTail™
Assist-A-Roll™ Bowling Ramp
101 Classroom Games
Schoolwide Physical Activity
NutriPlay™ FoodGroup FlagTag™
Indoor FlipDown Target™ Set
Rainbow® BigTop™ Bottlez™ Set
RampShot Set
Rainbow® AirRanger™ Plastic Discs
CharacterEd® Playground Packs
GamePlay™ DiscBonk™ Set
MaxSpin™ Ball-Bearing Speed Ropes
Rainbow® EnormaSport™ TREMENDisc™ Plastic Discs
NutriPlay™ NutriKnockDown™
NutriPlay™ Roll-N-Fit™
NutriPlay™ Nutrition Cards

Shop for high-quality PE equipment at Gopher Sport that easily withstands the demands of daily use in schools!

When teachers need outstanding physical education equipment, they can trust Gopher’s gear! From important items every PE teachers needs for classes, to gear that enhances a curriculum, you will find it all here at Gopher!

Essential PE Equipment

As a PE teacher, you know the importance of having essential, multipurpose gear. You can rely on our activity balls, beanbags, and discs to last through every tossing game. Use hoops, jump ropes, and parachutes in their traditional ways, or turn them into targets. Get students rolling with excitement using scooters. If you want an all-encompassing solution that takes the guesswork out of stocking your supply closet, Gopher’s convenient packs in several sizes are your answer.

PE Lesson Plans

Enhance your PE program with engaging team building games and activities from Gopher. With a focus on movement, strategy, inclusiveness, and nutrition, you will be able to build a curriculum that’s perfect for your students. If you’re looking to add adventure to PE lessons, check out our climbing, outdoor education, and field day equipment.

Specialty Physical Education

Ensure every student has the opportunity to stay active during physical education classes, regardless of ability, with adapted PE equipment. Specialized instruction and gear lets teachers set up custom stations that promote activity and success. When students are not in PE class, teachers can continue to promote movement throughout the day with active classroom equipment.

Only From Gopher

Shop for exclusive products at Gopher that you won’t find anywhere else! Add excitement to any game with equipment in bright Screamin’ colors. Depend on the ultimate durability, quality, and performance of our exclusive UltraPlay rubber balls. Teacher can also promote a positive environment and encourage kindness with CharacterEd equipment.

Buy top-quality PE equipment from Gopher to enhance your curriculum!