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Walkabouts Activity Program
ergoErgo Seats

ergoErgo Seats

BALLance Stability Ball Chairs
Kidsfit Kinesthetic Classroom­ Pedal Desks
Kore Wobble Chairs
TiltED Active Seats
BALLance PRO Stability Ball Chairs
Kore Kids Adjustable Chair
Ez-Up Tabletop Desk
ShiftED Active Seats
StackED Foam Stools
StudyRocker Floor Chairs
SmartStudy Stability Ball Desk
SmartStudy Adjustable Tabletop Desks
TriplED Foam Stools
CozyStudy Beanbag Chairs
VARIDESK Stand2Learn Standing Desks
Mo-Ball Plus Stability Ball Chair
Revolve Active Stools
DeskCycle 2
FitDesk Under Desk Cycle
SmartStudy Standing Desks
SmartStudy Adjustable Standing Desks
EverSteady Active Seat Cushions
Rainbow GoGo Seat Cushions
Mo-Ball Stability Ball Chair
SmartStudy Tabletop Desk


FitDesk 3.0
AlphaBetter Desks

AlphaBetter Desks

SmartSpin Desk Cycle
SmartStair Stair Stepper
Moving Minds Active Seating Classroom Packs
Lifespan Treadmill Desks
FitDesk Tabletop Standing Desk
Moving Minds Active Seating Classroom Premium Packs
Moving Minds Basic Active Classroom Packs
Moving Minds Deluxe Active Classroom Packs
Moving Minds Premium Active Classroom Packs

Purchase active classroom equipment to increase student activity—and performance—throughout the school day!

Whether looking for active seats or classroom activities for children, teachers and staff will find the options they need to create a more active environment, leading to higher concentration, increased time on task, and healthier students overall.

From pedal desks to balance boards to unstable seating options, Gopher has outstanding equipment that allows students of all ages and sizes to release energy in natural and non-disruptive ways.

Gopher also offers a large assortment of standing desks that elevate learning by breaking up long periods of sitting with classroom activity. When students get up on their feet, productivity and mood improve while risk of obesity declines.

Can’t choose just one? Purchase one of our comprehensive class packs to outfit your whole class with active seats and convenient storage. Or learn more about introducing activity in the classroom with helpful resources like books, activity cards, and more!

Why incorporate activity into my classroom?

  • Physical activity benefits more than just students’ health.
  • A growing body of research links physical activity with better learning and academic performance.
  • Active bodies help create more active minds!