AlphaBetter® Desks

Help students take a stand for more engaged and effective learning!


These versatile, adjustable desks provide students with a way to get up out of their chairs and become more active learners, increasing their attention and focus during class. Each desk quickly and easily adjusts from 42” for standing down to 26” for times when students need to be sitting.

Active Learning

Having a standing desk allows students to burn off extra energy in a non-disruptive way by getting on their feet and moving around during class. While seated, students can also use a swinging footrest, perfect for kids with particularly restless legs. This continuous motion helps support ergonomic comfort and cardiovascular health, while potentially increasing calorie burn, productivity and focus.

High-Quality Design

Each desk has all the features of a typical desk, with much more. Students will still have a writing area, storage area and seating area. The frame of the desk is designed with a powder-coated steel, which keeps it looking great and staying strong for years of use.

The desks quickly and easily adjust from 42”H for standing down to 26”H for sitting. A stool, sold separately, adjusts from 21”H to 35-1/2”H and features a tip-resistant steel frame, keeping your students in place.

You can choose either a premium desk top, made of durable and industrial-grade resin-laminated plastic, or a standard MDF desk top with durable thermoplastic laminate coating for resilient impact and chemical resistance. Add on a steel book box (22”W x 15”D x 4-3/4”H) for storing classroom materials. Two desk top sizes are available as well (28”W x 20”D or 36”W x 24”D). Assembly is required.

AlphaBetter® Desk Options

AlphaBetter® Desks are available in the individually in 2 sizes and desktop designs. Stool sold separately.

  • Desk Designs
    • Standard Top
    • Standard Top with Book Box
    • Premium Top
    • Premium Top with Book Box
  • 28” x 20” AlphaBetter® Desk
  • 36” x 24” AlphaBetter® Desk
  • AlphaBetter® Stool
    • Black
    • Beige

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AlphaBetter® Black Stool

  • Item No: 63-513
  • Unit: Ea
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  • Price: $199.00

AlphaBetter® Beige Stool

  • Item No: 63-514
  • Unit: Ea
  • Direct Ship
  • Price: $199.00


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