ergoErgo™ Seat

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Colorful ergonomic seat rocks in any direction and provides a fun, active way for kids to sit!

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Kids will love sitting on the ergoErgo™, which compresses slightly to allow continuous small movements forward, back, and side-to-side. This strengthens both muscles and the attention span of your students!

Improve Focus and Strength

These seats are great options to replace standard chairs in your classroom. The slight instability they provide forces students to increase their core strength and their focus in the classroom, which leads to improved performance. Use the seats under desks or independently in any classroom or other educational setting, such as a library or study center.

Excellent Design

The seats have been designed to allow the body to gently rock 360 degrees. It compresses slightly to allow continuous small movements forward, back, and side-to-side while strengthening muscles. Each is made of a durable polyethylene that is not only long-lasting and resistant to the elements, but also easy to wipe clean with a soap and water solution. Polyethylene is lightweight, which means the chairs can be easily moved and remain flexible. Every seat can be inflated or deflated thanks to a bottom plug. Simply insert a ball needle into the plug to begin increasing or decreasing air pressure, making the seats more or less stable.

Multiple Options

The seats are available in two sizes: Elementary (15”H x 14” dia, 4 lb, 80 lb weight limit) and Secondary (20-1/2”H x 16” dia, 7 lb, 200 lb weight limit). Elementary seats come in pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, and secondary comes in black, orange, green, blue, and purple. These different sizes and colors allow you to customize your selection to the needs and preferences of your classroom.

ergoErgo™ Seat Options

ergoErgo™ Seats are available in sets or individually, in 2 sizes, and a variety of colors.

  • Complete Set. Includes 1 of each color.
    • Elementary
    • Secondary
  • Individual Elementary ergoErgo™
    • Pink
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Purple
  • Individual Secondary ergoErgo™
    • Black
    • Orange
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Purple


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