Promoting Physical Activity and Health in the Classroom


A valuable resource to help classroom teachers integrate physical activity and health into a classroom setting.

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This user-friendly 600-page handbook and detachable cards offer more than 260 activities that can be implemented quickly and easily, utilizing limited space and equipment. It discusses children’s activity needs and readiness, safe and effective instruction, improving fitness and nutrition, and more.

Bring Activity into Classrooms

Promoting Physical Activity and Health in the Classroom responds to the growing trend in K-6 education, where classroom teachers with no specific Physical Education training must increasingly implement activities in nontraditional settings—often with limited space, equipment, time, and planning. The book is colorful, engaging, compact, and user-friendly. Its practical organization, combined with detachable, sortable index-size cards comprising more than 260 separate activities, enables teachers to implement them immediately and provides a unique resource not previously available to instructors.

Plenty of Activities
There are 260 activities that you can easily implement into your classroom, providing you with a practical solution for getting your students active. Ten activity cards provide video demonstrations for quick and easy implantation. Other cards give you step-by-step instructions, outline the types of equipment you need, and how much space you need for each exercise.

Topics include:

  • Improving the Health of America’s Children
  • Understanding Children’s Needs and Readiness for Physical Activity
  • Teaching Physical Activities Safely and Effectively
  • Improving the Effectiveness of Instruction and Feedback
  • Management and Discipline in an Activity Setting
  • Teaching Children with Special Needs
  • Integrating Physical Activity and Academics
  • Increasing Student’s Activity Levels
  • Helping Students Develop Physical Fitness
  • Improving Students' Nutrition
  • Teaching Sun Safety
  • Promoting Children's Health Beyond the School Day