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BALLance Stability Ball Chairs
ergoErgo Seats

ergoErgo Seats

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SmartSeat Stools

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ShiftED Seats

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Mo-Ball Stability Ball Chair
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Moving Minds Active Seating Classroom Packs
Moving Minds Active Seating Classroom Premium Packs
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Shop our assortment of active seating options for students to improve concentration and time on task!

Active seats give students subtle ways to release extra energy, so they can focus on the task at hand without disrupting classmates. Many of these chairs for students are slightly unstable, improving core strength as they bounce, tilt, and spin their way to better concentration.

Teachers can let students choose which seats works best with their learning styles from Gopher’s wide variety of flexible seating options. Buy backless designs to promote proper posture and blood flow to the brain. Or browse unstable solutions that wobble on rounded bases to help anxious or high-energy students work out wiggles.

Gopher also offers stability ball chairs with retractable feat to prevent unwanted movement when not in use, with smooth-rolling casters for easy relocation in the classroom, or textured surfaces that promote sensory awareness.

Buy active seats from Gopher to improve your students’ concentration, muscle strength, and posture in your class!