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Big Foam Dice
Tag-It Mitts
Rainbow Blindfolds
GoDark Team Identifiers
KickPar Balls

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Shop Gopher Sport’s collection of PE game accessories and ramp up excitement during class!

Our variety of game accessories keep students moving throughout physical education classes.

Let students roll their next move using lightweight, foam dice. Easily organize activities or circuits using dice in Rainbow colors. Teachers can also use fitness dice during warmups. Students and players simply roll one die to choose a movement, and then roll the other for the number of reps.

PE teachers can also use blindfolds and foam mitts for safe, sensory-rich tag! Slip on a blindfold and find classmates using their voice. Place a foam mitt on your hand as a soft extension during tag games, giving players a large target and added safety.

Add entertaining, new elements to traditional game with your purchase of game accessories from Gopher!

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