ACTION!™ BasketPar™

Stay on par by making baskets to keep the lowest score!


Combine basketball and golf with these unique basketball shooting games that will surely become quick favorites in your class! Position poly spots in varying distances from the basketball goal, with each spot assigned a “par.” As with golf, this is the number of shots players have to make a basket. Make it in less, and your score is under par. Players move to the next “hole” after successfully making a basket. Because there’s no backboard, the game is extra challenging! The team with the lowest score over the course wins.

Unique Combination of Sports

Combine the skills of basketball with the scoring concept of golf in these basketballs games for physical education! The objective of is to be the individual or team with the lowest points after shooting from each poly spot. Place 1 goal on each end of the playing area. Position 4 spots around one goal and 5 spots around the other goal at varying distances from the goal. The "par" for each spot is determined by the distance between the spot and the goal. For example: 0’-5’ from the goal is a Par 1, 6’-10’ from the goal is a par 2. The par relates to the number of shots players are allowed to "make it".

Play this game either with teams or as individuals. The par for each spot is the number of attempts the team or individual has to make the basket. If they don't make the basket with the number of shots for par, they take 1 over par. If they make it in less shots, then they just keep track of their scores. Par for the course should be predetermined and then at the end, students add up their score and calculate the difference from par. The team or individual under par by the most points wins.

Full Set of Equipment

The complete set of equipment contains everything you need to play BasketPar™ in your Physical Education class. The goals are also sold separately in sets of 2. They measure 48”H x 36” diameter at the base, with a 20” dia top. The net tapers down to 15” dia to mimic an actual basketball net. The goal itself is constructed of a strong ABS tubing, ensuring it will last your class for years of play.

ACTION!™ BasketPar™ Options

ACTION!™ BasketPar™ is available in a set. Additional Goals sold separately.

  • Complete Set. Includes two 48”H goals, 9 poly spots, Rainbow® Set of 6 DuraBall™ Basketballs, 1 VersaBag™ mesh storage bag, and activity instruction.
  • BasketPar™ Goals, Pair
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