ACTION! Drag'N Tails Set


Be quick, cunning, and keep on running to score goals and hold on to your Drag’N tail!

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Your class will love playing these fun flag belt game! Each player has a 60”L tail, featuring a vinyl flag attached by Velcro® to the custom Drag’N Tails™ belt with a slide-and-click buckle. Players work together to advance the ball into the other team’s territory to score on the custom stand-up goals during these speed games. While in the opponents’ zone, players dodge the stomps of the defensive team as they work to detach intruders’ tails. If the player in possession of the ball has his or her tail removed, it’s a turnover!

Fun and Speedy

Drag’N Tails™ features 3 fun, completely original flag belt activities that will have your entire class up and moving for an entire class period. One of the games is Drag ‘N Tails Unlimited. In this game, players attempt to step on other players tails while avoiding their tail being stepped on. If their tail is stepped off, they must retrieve it, exit the playing area, perform an exercise, and then re-enter the game. Play continues for a predetermined amount of time.

Unique Flag Belts

The game features a uniquely designed flag belt. It’s similar to some flag football belts, but has just 1 flag that is much longer than standard flags (60”L). Instead of being pulled off by hand, other players step on it.

Fast-Paced Action

To play Capture the Drag’N Egg, assign students a team color and begin with tails attached to the belts. Divide the playing area in half and set the foam balls on cones at opposite ends of the playing area. On the signal, students run into the other side and try to capture their team’s ball. If a player’s tail is stepped on, he/she must retrieve the flag, return to his/her side of the court, replace it, and then continue playing. Players score a point when they return their ball into their side without getting their tail stepped on.

In Ultimate Drag’N Ball, set up goals on opposite ends of the playing area and divide the playing area is divided in half. Divide players into two teams, and designate 1 player from each team as a goalie. The offense starts with the ball and tries to score it in the other team’s goal. The defense attempts to remove the other players’ tails. If a tail is removed, the player must return to the other side of the court to reattach it. Players attempt to score in the opposite goal. When a goal is scored, players switch roles. The first team to score 10 points or the most points in a predetermined amount of time wins.

ACTION!™ Drag'N Tails™ Options

ACTION!™ Drag'N Tails™ are available in a set. Additional belts also sold separately.

  • Complete Set. Includes 24 flag belts (12 ea Yellow, Green tails), 2 custom stand-up goals, 2 coated-foam balls, 2 pinnies (1 ea Yellow, Green), 1 mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.
  • Drag ‘N Tails™ Belts, Set of 24

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