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ACTION! FlagFrenzy Set


It's a frenzy of nonstop movement as teams work together to advance the ball and score without getting their flags pulled!

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Players can only take three steps with the FlagFrenzy™ ball during these flag games before shooting into the circular goal or passing to a teammate. But if 1 of the player’s 3 flags is pulled from their pinnie, the ball is turned over to the other team! This is a fun, original game guaranteed to get your class energized!

Easy Gameplay

A fun FlagFrenzy™ game gets the entire class involved in a high-energy, easy-to-play game. Here’s how it works:

The objective of these flag pinnie games is to be the first team to score 10 points. Setup involves dividing the playing area in to 4 quarters (all the same width). The 2 ends have a goal and a 10' dia circle around them that is designated the "defense area." Next, divide your class into 2 equal teams. Each player starts with 3 matching flags attached to the back of the pinnie. The offensive team starts with the ball and lines up along their goal line. Defense lines up on the center line. Offense attempts to advance the ball toward the defense's goal. Once a player has possession of the ball, they may take only 3 steps with the ball before passing to a teammate. If a players flag is taken while they have the ball, it is considered a turnover. If a team member loses all of their flags, they may only play defense. Points are scored by getting the ball placed in the goal (1 point), when a player jumps from outside the circle and makes a basket before landing (2 points), or when a player catches an alley-oop from a teammate (3 points).

All Equipment Included

There’s no need to supplement this pack with additional equipment—everything you need for FlagFrenzy™ is included in this convenient pack! This includes a set of 24 FlagFrenzy™ pinnies, 3 FlagFrenzy™ balls, a pair of FlagFrenzy™ goals, and 1 large VersaBag™ mesh bag to store and transport it all with ease. All of these components are designed with long-lasting use in mind, ensuring your investment in this game will continue to pay off for years of play.


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