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ACTION! FlagFrenzy Set


It's a frenzy of nonstop movement as teams work together to advance the ball and score without getting their flags pulled!

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Players can only take three steps with the FlagFrenzy™ ball during these flag games before shooting into the circular goal or passing to a teammate. But if 1 of the player’s 3 flags is pulled from their pinnie, the ball is turned over to the other team! This is a fun, original game guaranteed to get your class energized!

Fast-Paced Gameplay

FlagFrenzy gets the entire class involved in a high-energy, easy-to-play game. Here's how it works:

The objective of these flag pinnie games is to be the first team to score 10 points. Divide the play area into quarters, and set a goal at each end. Divide the class into 2 equal teams and give each player a pinnie with flag belts. The offense tries to advance the ball toward the defense's goal. When a player has the ball, he/she can take only 3 steps before passing the ball to a teammate. If a player's flag is taken while he/she has the ball, it is considered a turnover. If a player loses all of his/her flags, the player can play only defense. Score points by getting the ball in the goal (1 point), when a player jumps from outside the defensive circle around the goal and makes a basket before landing (2 points), or when a player catches an alley-oop from a teammate (3 points).

This includes 24 FlagFrenzy pinnies, 3 FlagFrenzy balls, pair of FlagFrenzy goals, a large VersaBag mesh bag, and activity instructions.


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