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ACTION! Forage Frenzy Set


As birds forage for berries in the forest, foxes are in a frenzy to steal them!

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Grab, Gather, and Go!

Whether you need a gathering game for kids, or a strategy-focused game for teens, this game has it all! Each team's birds use the tips of their beaks to forage berries (coated-foam balls) and transport them to their team's nest. At the same time, each team's 3 foxes work together to capture berries from the other team's nest! Once a fox picks a berry out of the opponent's nest, he/she cannot move. The 3 sly foxes coordinate how to throw the berry from fox to fox to their team's nest. If dropped, the berry is now available for a bird from either team to forage. The team with the most berries in its nest at the end wins!

Unique Gear for New Challenges

Durable, yellow beaks add a unique challenge because they require focus and challenge dexterity to pick up berries. Custom fox pinnies easily designate the 3 per team.

Set includes 2 burlap nests (24" dia), 18 plastic beaks (6"W x 7"L x 4"H), 24 balls (2.75" dia), 6 pinnies (medium), a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.