ACTION!™ LaunchBall™

Launch into an exciting game of constant fielding and scoring!


This fast-paced, constant-movement launching game will have students working to keep track of balls whizzing through the air, while adjusting to catch and launch them back. Set up large group games that include nonstop fielding and scoring, and create a great cardiovascular activity that’s fun for the entire class! Set comes with everything you need to get started with large group games of LaunchBall™!

Fast-Paced, High-Energy Play

The object of any LaunchBall™ launching games is to quickly field and score, racking up points faster than the other team! Players launch balls from handheld nets, sending them across the field of play to the other team, who must field them with their own nets and launch them back. It takes coordination, teamwork, agility, and lightning-quick reflexes to stay on top of incoming balls, and students will need to constantly keep moving to stay ahead. The concept of the game is easy to learn and quick to pick up, with numerous variations possible with rule changes and scoring innovations.

One example of a fast-paced group game is LaunchBall™ Blast. The objective of this game is to be the team with the most points after 5 rounds of play. To play, set up your playing area by placing the Home Base Poly Spot in the corner of the playing area and position the orange cone 16' from home base and the purple cone 28' from home base.

Divide your class into two equally numbered teams (max of 15 people per team). Designate one team as offense and one as defense (teams will switch halfway through play). Give each defensive player a launcher and stand in the "outfield." Offensive players line up behind the home base and take turns using three launchers. Goalies take position anywhere on the field and are not able to move once they have selected their position.

The first three offensive players stand at home base and launch their balls at once. Once they launch their balls, they drop the launchers and run to either the orange or purple cone and back to home base. They continue to run back and forth until the defensive team has retrieved and passed all three balls to the goalies. If the defense catches the ball, that player is out. If they don't catch it, they must work as a team to get the ball to the goalie. Once all three balls have been collected by the goalie, then the players are 'out' and cannot score additional points. Offense and defense switch when all players have had a turn. Points are earned when players tag the cone and return to home base. Running to the orange cone is 1 point and to the purple cone it is 3 points. After 5 rounds, the team with the most points wins.

Innovative Equipment

Exclusive to this set are LaunchBall™ Pinnies, LaunchBall™ Launchers, Spots, and LaunchBall™ Balls.

  • LaunchBall™ Pinnies are a set of 2 nylon orange pinnies w/ game logo printed in the center of the pinnie. They are constructed of a durable nylon and are 12"W x 20"L, with 1/2" wide elastic sides and double stitched seams.
  • LaunchBall™ Launchers have plastic handles and netting in the middle. The handles are 10"L x 1.25"dia, with the total width of the launchers measuring 14" and the net height 8". The handles have TPR on them for enhanced grip.
  • Spots included in the game are constructed of polyvinyl, which will grip to the floor. Spots measure 9" dia and are .25" thick.
  • LaunchBall™ Balls are encased foam balls (3.5" dia), so they are soft, yet extremely durable.

ACTION!™ LaunchBall™ Options

ACTION!™ LaunchBall™ is available in a set. Additional Launchers sold separately.

  • Complete Set. 2 LaunchBall™ Pinnies, 9 Pairs of Launchers, 1 LaunchBall™ Spot, 2 Sets of 3 LaunchBall™ Balls, two 18” Plastic Cones (1 ea Orange, Purple) , and 1 VersaBag™ mesh bag.
  • LaunchBall™ Launchers, 1 Pr
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