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ACTION!™ PaddleMonium™ Set


It's pure pandemonium—with ball and paddle games!

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All teams race at the same time to get their color balls into their corresponding goal using just their paddles. Find a ball and advance it down the playing area by doing paddle ups or paddle downs. The first team to get all their balls into their goal wins! If you’re looking games to improve hand/eye coordination.

Fun and Exciting Gameplay

Pandemonium has never been so fun! Your entire class will enjoy getting involved with this completely original game that you’ll only find from Gopher Sport. Here’s how it works:

Players aim to be the first team to get all of its team’s colored balls into their goal. Place a goal in each of the four corners of the playing area and 2 across from each other in the middle of the playing area. Create a goal line in front of each goal that cannot be crossed by players; adjust the distance based on age and ability of players.

To play, scatter the balls throughout the playing area. At the signal, players run into the play area to put the balls into play. The goal is for each color team to get all of their color balls in their goal. The balls may only be moved by performing paddle downs (like dribbling) or paddle ups (bouncing the ball on top of the paddle). When students get to their target net, they must try to shoot it in their goal from behind the goal line. If they make it, they go search for a new ball. If they miss, they must throw it back into the play area. The first team to collect all of their balls wins.

Colorful Equipment

PaddleMonium™ comes with a special set of balls that measure 3.5” diameter. Four Rainbow® sets of 6 provide 24 total balls. They feature a higher-density coated foam, giving them more bounce than standard foam balls. The coat also serves to protect the ball for longer lasting use.

The game’s target nets measure 26” in diameter. They feature frames made of white powder-coated steel, which provides them with durability and strength. Nylon nets come in each Rainbow® color, with adjustments on the side so you can tip and lock the net at any angle. This allows you to provide additional challenges and variants to the game.

Complete Set includes 24 Rainbow® paddles (4 of each color), 24 Rainbow® balls (4 of each color), 6 Rainbow® goals, a VersaBag™ mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.