ACTION!™ RampedUp™

Get students ramped up and ready to roll with a different spin on a PE bowling game!


Add a twist to your bowling unit with this high-energy game! Teams compete by rolling balls up the custom RampedUp™ ramps and getting them to land in the other team’s zone. A designated “clubber” attempts to hit each ball as it comes off the ramp and before it hits the ground to stop the other team from tallying up points. The first team to 21 points wins!

Ramp Up the Fun

To play RampedUp™, teams start at the opposite ends of the playing area in their team’s area. At the signal, players rush to collect balls from the middle and return them to their area. To score points, players roll the ball up the two ramps facing their teams in a way that will avoid the opposing team’s guard. Each ball that lands in the opponent’s area is worth one point.

Unique Equipment

Each ramp is made of a high-quality yet lightweight plastic that will withstand years of institutional use. The clubs are 18” long and made of durable polyurethane. They look similar to a baseball bat, but have a flat surface for hitting.

Complete Set includes 4 ramps, 2 clubs, 18 balls (6.3” dia; 9 ea red, blue), and activity instructions.

Exciting Game Options

Each set includes fun, additional game instructions. During Tipped RampedUp™, one player is the guard from each team and holds the club. Teams start at opposite ends and run to the center at the signal to grab balls and return to their area. To score, offensive players roll the balls up the ramps in a way that avoids the guards. Points are scored when the ball lands in the opposing team’s area. The first team to 21 wins.

When playing RampedUp™ Pitching, split the class into 2 teams. One player from each team is the hitter, behind the line of scrimmage. On each team, half is assigned to offense, and the other to defense. At the signal, players pitch the balls of their team’s color up the ramp, and the hitter attempts to hit the ball toward their teammates. Offensive players try to catch the ball of their team’s color to earn points, while defensive players try to stop the other team from making catches. First team to catch all of their team’s balls wins.

ACTION!™ RampedUp™

ACTION!™ RampedUp™ is available in a complete set. Ramps also available individually.

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