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ACTION! Shakesteria


Hysteria ensues as players try to shake balls from a box on their waists!

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Prepare for explosive action and silly moves—Shakesteria is a great way to warm up, increase your heart rate, and have a blast! One player per team frantically races to shake 12 table tennis balls from a plastic box attached to his/her waist. At the signal, the starting player on each team shakes, shimmies, and jumps to eject the balls onto the floor using body movements alone. Teammates scramble to collect the runaway balls, so everyone is active for the whole game! Once empty, each team's box is reloaded and passed to the next player on that team to empty it all over again. The first team to have all players empty its box wins!

The game can be easily tweaked to target specific muscle groups and prepare students for the day’s activities. If it’s leg day in the weight room, have them attach the boxes to their thighs to warm up and stretch their legs as they shake out the balls.

Or really shake things up with a hysterical relay race in Shakesteria Relay. One player from each team starts with his/her team’s box attached to their waste. He/she runs down a lane to the next teammate in line, shaking balls out of the box along the way. The partially emptied box is then transferred to the next player who runs next. The first team to empty their box, wins!

Set includes 3 red and 3 blue molded plastic boxes (10”L x 5”W x 4”H) with 6 ClipPro Belts (Large), 144 Speedster Table Tennis Balls, VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.