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ACTION! SkyScore Set


This strategic game requires accurate aim to earn the most points on this towering, two-tiered goal!

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With 24 balls in play, players scurry to gather and advance them toward the unique two-tiered goal! Start by splitting the play area into two sections with the goal on the center court line. Divide players into two teams with players from each team in both sections. Players in one section get access to the lower goal, while those on the other side have a chance to earn more points in a taller goal attached to the lower goal. Players cannot cross the center court line, but they can pass a ball to a teammate on the other side to throw it into the taller goal. They can take up to two steps before passing or shooting the ball into the goal. Play continues until one team throws all its balls into the goal. Tally the points for each team based on where the balls landed in the goal (taller goal is worth more than the lower goal). The team with the most points wins!

The unique goal features two openings for two ways to score. The bottom goal captures all balls thrown into it. The other goal extends 96" above the bottom goal for an added challenge. Both include nets with easy-to-reach openings to retrieve balls. Teachers can assign different point values to each part of the goal or focus on scoring only in the raised goal.

Set includes a SkyScore goal (30"L x 30"W x 96"H; 27 lb), 24 vinyl balls (7" dia; 12 ea red, blue), a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.