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ACTION! StabiliStack Set


Quickly gather and stack stability balls as the other team tries to knock down your tower in this strategy-based game!

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Use a combination of constant action, teamwork, and strategy to win this ball-stacking game! Players gather balls, both big and small, plus ball stackers scattered in the play area. They then start building towers using the stability balls and ball stackers. As some teammates build, other players can defend their team's towers or throw smaller balls at the other team's towers to knock them down. Teams need to decide whether to build taller towers to earn more points, or build shorter towers for more stability. Points awarded depend on the height of the towers still standing when time runs out. A 3-ball tower is 10 points, 2-ball tower is 5 points, and 1 ball on a stacker is 1 point.

The 55 cm stability balls add a fun, oversized challenge to games as players maneuver them to the top of the tower. Smaller, 6" dia inflatable balls are easy to grasp. Simply connect the ends of the plastic ball stackers to hold and stack balls.

Set includes 12 stability balls (55 cm dia; 6 ea red, blue), 12 ball stackers, 24 vinyl balls, and activity instructions.