ACTION!™ Super Shielders™

Save your city or demolish the opponent's - either way you'll be a superhero!


Kids across the country love superheroes these days, and now they can play a game that turns them into one! In these superheroes games, teams of citizens race to collect balls and throw them at the opponent’s towers to knock them down. Each team’s designated superhero must protect their team’s towers by deflecting balls with their custom super shield. The first team to knock down all 3 towers in these superhero physical education games wins!

“Super” Activity

If you’re looking high-action hero games that will accommodate the whole class, Battle of the Super Shielders is here is save the day! It can accommodate 20 or more players. Designate 2 players as "heroes" and give them the shield and a pinnie, then assign each "hero" an end. Divide the rest of the class into 2 equal teams. On the signal, students try to knock over the towers with the foam balls. Only a ball of matching color can knock over that tower. The super hero with the last tower standing wins.

High-Quality Equipment

Each set contains all of the unique and custom equipment you need to play any of the games and will last for years in school settings.

The shields are made using one-piece injection-molded plastic, making it significantly stronger than other plastic items that have seams. A textured face provides a better grip and a nice appearance, while 2 handles on the back let players hold it with 2 hands or slide their arm through. Velcro® straps allow users to adjust based on their size and preference. Each shield is 23”L x 20”W. The 18”H towers also feature durable, one-piece injection-molded plastic. Textured sides mimic the look of windows for additional fun.

Save the Day with Fun Options

Each set contains 2 more unique games you won’t find anywhere else! All of the games have been designed to maximize activity and participation by all students in the class.

In Rainbow Super Shielders, place all of the towers in one end of the play area and all of the balls in the other end. Appoint 2 players to be the heroes and divide the rest of the class into 6 teams. Heroes protect the towers, and other players attempt to knock down other teams towers. The team whose tower remains standing at the end of the round receives 1 point.

Place towers randomly in the play area during Super Villains. Designate 2 players as heroes and 2 players as villains. On signal, villains tag "innocent citizens" with the green "kryptonite" balls. Players tagged by villains are frozen in place until they are tagged by a hero. Citizens may take shelter by touching a tower.

ACTION!™ Super Shielders™ Options

ACTION!™ Super Shielders™ is available in a set. Additional Shields sold separately.

  • Complete Set. Includes 6 towers, 2 shields, 2 hero pinnies, 2 villain pinnies, 36 balls, 2 VersaBag™ Mesh Bag, and activity instructions.
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