ACTION!™ SynchroBall™

Players synchronize their movements to score in this life-size version of human foosball!


Turn foosball into a live-action game! Configured just like an actual foosball table, teams of six work together to advance a 16” diameter soccer ball down the playing area and into the other team’s goal. Players hold on to their custom poles with handles and move laterally in their designated zone, as if they were figures in a foosball board.

Simple Gameplay

This unique game works just like foosball, only with real people! Place goals on each end of the playing area, and evenly space the poles across the playing area based on the players’ age and ability so they can defend and reach the soccer ball. The ball is introduced at center field. Players work together by moving side to side to advance the soccer ball down the field. Teams score points by getting the ball past the goalie and into the goal. Each team gets one point per score. At the end of the predetermined time, the team with the most points wins.

Unique Pole Design

Made with a durable ABS tubing, these poles will last for years of play. The set includes 6 ABS sections in both blue and black that measure 60-1/2”L. Each connects together to make a pole long enough for three players, and another section for two players, as well as one for each goalie. The poles have handles on them to show where players grab on and stand, giving them a great grip on the pole. Storage of the poles is easy, as a convenient push pin system makes storing them easy and convenient.

Complete Set includes 12 ABS poles, 2 QwikPro™ Pop-Up Goals, 2 Biggie!™ Soccer Balls, and activity instructions.

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