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ACTION!™ Tip-N-Flip™ Set

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Protect your stand because if it tips, possession flips in these throwing target games!

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Teams strategize to get their beanbags on to the corresponding Tip-N-Flip™ stand while trying to tip over the other team’s stand during engaging flipping games. If a player gets hit with a foam ball, their beanbag must be returned to its poly spot. If a stand gets hit and knocked over, the stand (and team in possession of that stand) flips! The first team to get all 12 beanbags onto their stand(s) wins!

Flip for Fun

Gather as many beanbags as you can before the other teams flips your stand during flip stand games like Tip-N-Flip Chaos. Divide the class into 2 teams, and designate 2 people from each team as goalies. Beanbags start on the poly spots at the edge of the play area. During gameplay, offensive players throw beanbags and try to land them on their stand. Defensive players throw foam balls in attempt to knock over the other team’s stand. One defensive player at a time can cross over and attempt to tip over the opponent’s stand by hand; if this happens, that team has possession of both stands until the opposing team regains possession of a stand. If a stand is knocked over by a foam ball, that team wins immediately.

Components Built to Last

The most unique component of this game is the Tip-N-Flip stand. This custom item has been created specifically for this game. It is two-colored (half red, half blue) to designate different teams. The top and bottom are both concave, allowing it to better hold beanbags and other objects. The ends are also weighted for added stability and durability during game play.

Complete Set includes 2 stands, 12 coated-foam balls, 24 beanbags, 4 poly spots (9” dia), 1 VersaBag™ Mesh Bag, and activity instructions.

Engaging Game Options

Get the entire class involved with the other games included in our exclusive and thorough activity instructions.

In Capture the Tip-N-Flip, players work to retrieve all 12 beanbags from the opponent’s side of the playing area. Each team has a goalie that tries to prevent opponents from stealing beanbags from their stand by tagging them with a foam ball. If they successfully retrieve a beanbag, they are to place it on their designated spot. If a player with a beanbag is hit by a foam ball, they must return it. The poly spots are "safe zones" and players on these cannot be hit. The first team to collect their 12 beanbags wins.

Each team starts with a stand, 6 foam balls, 12 beanbags, and 1 poly spot in Tip-N-Flip Dodgeball. Players start on the side with their color facing up. On the signal, students attempt to flip the other stand over without being hit by a foam ball. Foam balls must be thrown from behind the throwing line. Once a team accomplishes this, they may move 1 beanbag to their poly spot. The first team to transport all of their beanbags wins.


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