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ACTION! TreasureQuest Set


Ahoy! Mateys unite in this life-sized board game to get the most loot while keeping a lookout for pirates!

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Bring some fun, pirate-themed action to your classroom! 2 teams alternate turns, moving as groups or individuals, deciding which arrow on the coins to follow to reach treasure chest mats at the opposite ends of the play area. If players reach an occupied coin, the group with the most players takes the coin. But watch out for pirates taking coins for themselves along the way!

Adventurous Pirate-Themed Games

There are several game options included in ACTION! TreasureQuest. Each game is easy to set up, play, and score, making them simple to explain and learn.

During one game called Pirate's Prisoners, teams strategize to transport all their players from their treasure chest to their opponent's chest, using the coins as directional checkpoints. Teams move all their players on each turn, alternating turns each time. Multiple players of the same team can occupy the same coin. Pirates can help their team by freezing the opposing team if it approaches its own players. If pirates on opposing teams meet at a coin, the first pirate to perform a predetermined exercise or math question continues. The pirate that loses the challenge is frozen for a turn.

Each of the 3 game options requires students to work together and come up with effective strategies to get to their desired point.

Unique Equipment

Set includes 2 treasure chest mats, two 4-arrow coins, six 3-arrow coins, 4 east/west arrow coins, 4 northeast/northwest arrow coins, 4 pirate pinnies, and activity instructions. The pinnies, coins, and chests all feature a detailed design to add to the pirate theme, getting students excited to play. All coins and chests are made of heavy-duty polyvinyl material with molded-in designs, so you can be sure they will last for years of use.