ACTION!™ Wham!Ball™ Sets

Try your fist (or arm) at this thrilling team game that's strinkingly similar to volleyball, but with a few bent rules!


Players use a fist or arm to contact the ball, and can let the ball bounce once between hits in Wham!Ball™, making the game more active than volleyball, yet easier for beginners to play. A ball lighter and softer than a volleyball is used, and a 4"W Net-Band set at 6-1/2'H divides the court. Play begins with a serve, and teams volley back and forth with up to 3 hits and 3 bounces allowed each possession. An open-hand hit is ruled an error, and a hit with both arms or fists by a player is considered 2 hits. Using side-out scoring, teams play the best of 5 sets with each set going to 11 points. Play indoors or out; Net-Band easily attaches to most standards.

Basic Set. Includes 2 Wham!Ball™ Balls, 1 Net-Band, storage bag, and activity instructions.

Deluxe Set. Includes all Basic Set contents, plus 2 Intentus™ Portable Standards.

Accessories. Wham!Ball™ (8.5" dia) and Net-Band (32'L x 4”W) with storage bag.


Individual Wham!Ball™, 8.5" dia

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Wham!Ball™ Net-Band w/Storage Bag

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