AngleBall™ Game Set

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Train like a pro from any angle knocking the opposing team’s ball to the ground!

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How it Works

Classic AngleBall™ is played by 2 teams that attempt to knock off the opponent’s target ball. If the ball carrier is tagged, they must pass or shoot the ball within 3 seconds. One point is awarded to a team that knocks the opponent’s target ball down, so at the end of a predetermined amount of time the team with the most points wins.

This particular set is unique in that the ball is extremely easy to re-mount on top of the pole. The ball is attached to a string that runs through the pole, so you can simply pull the string tight from below, and the ball will pull right back on to the top.

Full Set of Equipment

The set includes everything you need to get AngleBall™ quickly set up in your class for a fun period of gameplay. Each set includes 2 indoor/outdoor standards with a built-in inbound ring, 2 target balls, 2 angleballs, a 32” carrying case to hold all the equipment, and a rules and setup guide.

The standards break down and assemble extremely easily, which makes them much easier to store and transport as well. They simply lock together with button snaps. Within 60 seconds, you can have an entire standard assembled and ready for play. The inbound ring fits in the base poles.

The target balls attach to the top of the standard, and have a string attached to them, which pulls them back into position after being knocked off. These rubber balls are 8.5” in diameter.

The angleball is the ball players throw at the target balls. They are slightly smaller than the target balls. Though they are soft and friendly enough for any age group, they are still durable and just heavy enough to be used in competitive settings.

High energy game used by NFL players for conditioning. Score a point by knocking the ball off the other team’s goal. Players run freely with the angleball until tagged, then they must pass it to a teammate. All shots must be taken outside the 10’ radius of the goal. Goal poles are adjustable according to ability. Can be used indoors or out. Set includes 2 goals with tethered ball, angleball, instructions, and rule book.