BasketBag™ Beanbag Toss


Hit the game-winner with your class with this basketball-themed beanbag activity set!

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Your students are sure to love these introductory basketball games! Each set features multiple game and court setup options, allowing you to customize the set to your class’s size and skill. Players start in their team’s Huddle Area with their BasketBag™ in hand, and race to make baskets from Shot Spots. They will become so caught up in the action they won’t notice that these basketball games for elementary students blend in math practice!

Make Math Active

BasketBag™ Beanbag Toss includes original beginner basketball games, each of which combines elements of math with activity for the whole class.

The game First to 30 puts an emphases on addition as each team keeps track of its own points. Divide your class into 2-4 equal teams. On the signal, a player from each team picks up 1 BasketBag™ from their respective pile, races to a shot spot of their choice, and shoots a BasketBag™ to his/her goal of choice. If that player makes the shot, the team earns the number of points designated by the spot. If they miss, thee collects the bag and runs a lap before returning to their huddle. The next player may go once the player before them takes a shot. The first team to 30 points wins.

Full Set of Equipment

The goals stay open and upright for ultra-convenient access, and fold up in seconds to make storage and transportation a breeze. They feature polyester mesh with a canvas bottom for greater durability, so they can last for years of play. An internal steel wire reinforcement offers even greater strength.

The beanbags are circular and measure 4-1/2” dia. They are all lightweight, and feature basketball graphics.

Each pack contains everything you need for all 4 game options: 10 vinyl numbered spots (numbered 1-10), 3 goals, 60 beanbags, four 9” orange plastic cones, three 4 lb sandbells, and activity instructions.

Keep Minds and Bodies Active

In addition to First to 30, each set includes comprehensive activity instructions for even more games. In Court Countdown, teams work together to be the first to reach zero points based on goals made. Divide your class into 2-4 equal teams. Each team begins with 30 points. This game is played opposite of First to 30; teams work together to subtract the points of the shots made to get to zero the quickest.

The objective of Spot Up is to be the first team to score from each spot. Play the game with 2-4 teams. On the signal, a player from each team picks up a BasketBag™ from its team pile and races to a spot of his/her choice to shoot at a goal. If the player makes the shot, that team can "close" that shot spot, and return to the huddle. The second teammate will run to a different spot and attempt an shot on an "open" spot. Teams are responsible for keeping track of closed and open shots. The team that completes all 10 spots first wins.

Score the most points before time runs out in Buzzer Beater! Divide your class into 2-4 equal teams. Designate playing time based on skill levels. At the signal, a player from each team picks up 1 BasketBag™, races to a spot of their choice, and shoots it at a goal of their choice. If he/she makes the shot, the team earns that number of points. If the misses, the player collects the rebound, runs a lap, and returns the bag to the original pile. The next player may go as soon as the previous player makes a shot. Play continues until the time is up and the team with the most points at the end of time wins.


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