Big Foam Dice

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Large, lightweight, and easy to see from a distance.

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Incorporate this large 6" foam dice set of 2 into your everyday PE or classroom activities and leave things up to chance! Roll to pick a game, choose a number of reps for an exercise, or simply to see who goes first in an activity. Dice can also be used to help teach math skills. Roll dice right on the gym floor to get things going; the reliable construction will stand up to regular use.

Keep Students Guessing

When you leave the day’s activities up to the luck of the dice, there’s no telling what you’ll get! Jumbo foam dice can be used for just about anything in your curriculum. Some examples include:

  • Roll to see which team goes first in a game.
  • Roll to determine what activity to warm up with (corresponding to a list).
  • Roll for a tiebreaker in certain games.
  • Roll to see how many reps of an exercise to do.

The list goes on and on, with the only limit to use being your imagination. Best of all, the dice roll is complete chance—you never know what you’re going to get! Use them in PE class or in the classroom as a way to spice things up on a daily basis.

Improve Math Skills

One exceptional way to utilize these dice to the fullest is to combine them and test the math skills of your students. For example, you might have students run 10 meters based on the sum of the dice, which means they’ll have to add the numbers together and multiply by 10 to see how far they need to run. Or, as another example, you can roll both dice to determine both sets and reps of a workout—students will need to add the totals to see how many total reps they should be doing.

Put dice to work wherever there’s an opportunity to add, subtract, multiply, or divide and watch as students quickly improve their math skills in a fun, exciting environment.

Durable Construction

Roll these 6" dice right on the floor without worry: they’re designed to stand up to regular wear thanks to a dense, pick-proof foam construction. Best of all, they’ll bounce actively around when rolled, creating anticipation for what numbers will come up. Rounded corners ensure dice keep moving across the floor.

Big Foam Dice Options

Big Foam Dice are available in pairs, in 2 colors.

  • Red
  • Blue