BigTop™ BucketBonanza™

The instability of these buckets will create a tossing bonanza!


In this ball tossing game, players attempt to get a ball into the corresponding bucket in their team’s color. Each bucket sits in a plastic holder with a raised domed center. When hit with a ball, the bucket tilts and swirls, creating more of a challenge. Once the ball makes it in, that bucket is removed. The first team to remove all of its buckets wins!

Fun for Whole Class

Bring action and team fun to your next tossing unit with BucketBonanza™. This team game brings more fun and excitement than your traditional tossing unit games, keeping students interested and bettering their tossing skills. All games are designed with enough equipment to allow up to 36 students to play simultaneously!

3 Game Variations

BucketBonanza™ comes with three different game options, each of which has several variations of their own. In Rainbow® BucketBonanza™, for example, each player takes turns tossing or bouncing the balls into their opponents’ buckets. Teams alternate throwing after each player. Players must throw from behind their own bucket arrangement. Once a ball lands in its corresponding bucket color, the ball remains in the bucket. If the ball lands in any bucket other than the bucket of the same color, the ball must be removed and put back into play.

Quality Design

Each game is designed around making a ball into a bucket, and the plastic bucket holder allows these buckets to move and become unstable, giving students different angles and challenges. These moving targets increase the fun of the games and improve students’ hand-eye coordination. The plastic holders have raised dome centers, and when hit, the bucket tilts and swirls around.

All of the equipment featured in the game is Rainbow® colored, allowing for students to easily identify their targets and their tossing balls and making it easy for teachers to split students into teams.

Eat set includes 36 Rainbow® BucketBonanza™ buckets, 36 Rainbow® BucketBonanza™ bucket stands, 36 Rainbow® BucketBonanza™ balls, and 1 VersaBag™ Mesh Storage Bag, and activity instructions.

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