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CageAll™ Set


Unleash oversized amounts of teamwork in fun cage ball games that emphasizes cooperation!

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Choose from seveal thrilling and challenging oversized ball games for Physical Education that use cage balls and the unique circular AllAround™ goal to improve motor skills, cooperation, and more! Cooperation games using the small cage ball focus on individual passing and directional skills to land the ball into the goal, while the other options rely on teamwork and communication to advance a larger cage ball down the court and on top of the goal.

Terrific for Team Building

In ACTION!™ Cage Goal, players on 2 teams work together passing the cage ball and shooting it into the goal. Players may take up to 3 steps before passing or shooting the ball. After taking those 3 steps, players have 3 seconds to pass or shoot the ball. If the ball touches the ground, it’s considered a turnover. The defense works to block shots made by the offense. The first team to make it to 5 points wins. Players score by getting the ball into the goal.

Get Started Quickly

Each set includes everything a teacher needs to get players started with any of these Cage Ball games. Complete Set includes 2 premium-quality cage balls (1 ea 36”, 48”dia), 2 AllAround™ goals, and activity instructions. All of the game materials have been designed to last for years of institutional use.

Exciting Game Options

Activity ideas included in this set offer several ways to get your entire class involved with a high-energy, all-inclusive classroom activity!

Divide the class into 2 teams for ACTION!™ Super Cage Goal. The offensive team starts with the 36" dia ball and defense starts with the 48"dia ball. The defensive team works to advance its ball down the playing area and rest it on top of the goal. Players need to keep the ball over their heads. If they drop it, it’s a turnover. Meantime, the offensive players also try to get their ball in the goal, but can take only a limited number of steps. Points are scored as follows: resting the large ball on the goal = 3 points, 36'' ball in the goal= 1 point. The first team to 10 points wins.

In Cage Ball Balance, position the entire class on one side of the playing area with one goal at the opposite side. At the signal, players all attempt to move the 48” dia ball from one end of the playing area to the other as a group. This is more of a teamwork activity, as there are no points in this game.

During Cage Ball Soccer, divide the class into 2 equal teams and designate one team as offense and the other as defense. Place the 2 goals on opposite ends and similar to soccer. Players work together to move the ball toward the goal, but the goal has a 10' dia circle around the outside designated as a "no-entry" zone. This requires some skillful thinking by players to maneuver around. Players also cannot touch the ball twice in a row without it coming in contact with another player, ensuring all players get involved. The first team to 5 points wins.


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