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Captain's Crew Set

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Collaborate using teammates and equipment to get your crew off the mainland and to the other side!

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To begin, teachers set up the starting mainland and 3 islands per team with certain equipment (ropes, hoops, and poles). At the signal, player 1 hops on a scooter and uses any provided equipment to get to island 1. Once on the island, the player uses additional equipment found there to get player 2 to the island. Player 1 then travels to island 2, player 3 travels to island 1 with help from player 2, and so on. All players stay on scooters the entire time and must creatively use the equipment provided at each island to help them in their travels. The first team to get its entire crew to the ending mainland wins.

Set includes 6 jump ropes (6’L), 12 hoops (24” dia), 3 kayak poles (52"L), 6 scooter poles (19"L), 6 mats (36" sq), 6 SST Indoor Scooters, and activity instructions. Choose Set without Scooters to use with your existing scooters.