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ShufflePro Team Set

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Teach the fundamentals of curling and shuffleboard with durable equipment from Gopher Sport!

Enhance coordination and precision when playing shuffleboard and curling during PE classes or after-school programs. More advanced players can also use these sets to improve skills by practicing off the court or ice.

Gopher’s shuffleboard sets are color-coded to easily distinguish teams during game play. Our smaller, one-court set includes a durable plastic court for a realistic experience during PE classes. But, if a teacher prefers an option that involves the entire class, check out our team set. It has enough equipment for up to 24 players, and takes up less room that 12 individual courts.

Bring curling off the ice and into the gym with exceptional curling sets. Students glide realistic looking curling stones toward a target on any smooth surface or short-fiber carpet. During 8 rounds of play, students can work on stance and stone release.

Bring the timeless sports of shuffleboard and curling into PE classes with Gopher!

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