DOM® Shuffleboard Set

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The most durable entry-level portable shuffleboard set we offer!

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Bring shuffleboard into your gym unit with a set that’s been built to withstand years of institutional use! The heavy-duty fiberglass cues in these shuffleboard sets for schools can withstand up to 110 lb of pressure without breaking, splintering, or losing their shape.

Durable Components

Kids and adults of all ages can play shuffleboard. Because it is a lifelong activity, it is important to have equipment that is built to last. The cues feature a fiberglass shaft, allowing them to remain durable yet flexible. They are able absorb impact without bending or breaking like other cues on the market. A one-piece molded ball style head is easy to use and great for beginners who are just starting to learn the game, as it makes pushing easy. A 6” textured grip on the cue also adds to the level of control users have.

The discs are also developed to be long lasting, thanks to their fiberglass construction. They are able to withstand contact with other discs during play without breaking while still offering a tournament disc style of feel and play.

The combination of durability in the cues and discs make this the hardiest entry level shuffleboard set we offer.

All Game Items Included

Each set contains everything you need to get started with shuffleboard right away, including 8 total discs (4 ea red, black), 4 cues, and a set of detailed and easy to follow activity instructions that contain the rules of play and a diagram of the court.

DOM® Shuffleboard Set Options

DOM® Shuffleboard Sets are available a Complete Set. Replacement Discs sold separately.

  • Complete Set. Includes 8 discs (4 ea red, black), 4 cues, and detailed activity instructions.
  • Replacement Discs, Set of 8